Not your average song and dance routine

My kids love music. They can dance to any beat, which is good for Mama since I don’t always love listening to children’s music.

For a while I thought dancing was almost exclusively a means for exercise, and therefore encouraged it with my kids. It wasn’t until I picked my daughter up from preschool the other day that I realized just how much of an impact music was also making on her learning ability. Rather than sing her standard “Disney” songs, she was breaking it down in the backseat of the car using lyrics to songs I’d never heard of, all the while incorporating math and language skills. Who knew that “Five little monkeys’ sitting on a tree,” could lead to a wonderful lesson on counting backwards?  And what about “Big Drum, Little Drum” as an instrument lesson?!

These days, singing and dancing are incorporated into my family’s daily routine. It’s become one of my favorite activities to do with my kids now that I know it’s helping with their sensory skills.

How do you incorporate music into life with your little ones?

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