Keeping the Kindness


Compassion, also known as empathy, helps us to be more deeply attached to other people’s feelings, thoughts and experiences. Compassion begins to develop in the very first years of life and is most effectively taught through spontaneous interactions between children.

In the month of November, Kiddie Academy teaches compassion as part of their Character Education program. Here are just a few ways to bring out your children’s warmth:

  • When it comes to kindness, you are your children’s primary teacher. Hug your little ones and express your love for them. Making them feel comfortable and loved will help them form bonds with others and build connections.
  • “Tell me about a time…” – this is a great exercise to challenge your children. Try starting a dinner conversation by asking each family member what it means to be compassionate toward others. Have each person talk about a time they practiced compassion.
  • Volunteering teaches toddlers and preschoolers about kindness, gratitude and community responsibility. Be on the lookout for ways to go out of your way for someone in need, and your child will take notice and soon begin to take part in random acts of kindness too.

As humans, we must nurture feelings of caring and respect for all living things. It can be a cruel world out there, so be the best role model you can be for your kids!



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