Franchising vs. Going It Alone

Franchising 101

It’s a great time to be in the child care business. This industry has been growing for years. As of 2017, there were an estimated 24 million children in the United States under the age of 5, and more than 18 million were in some sort of child care every week. The result is a $53 billion industry that is forecast to continue growing as more households have two working parents, and there’s a greater emphasis on high-quality early childhood education.

It’s understandable why a savvy entrepreneur would want to explore business options in this field. You could choose to start your own daycare center, or you can avoid the pitfalls of starting something from scratch and buy a franchise. For hundreds of franchisees over the years, Kiddie Academy® Educational Child Care has been the perfect career and life move. Our franchisees come from education and non-educational backgrounds, but all have this in common: a desire for work-life harmony, financial independence and building something valuable for their community.

“When you purchase a franchise, you’re not reinventing the business,” said Jeff Brazier, Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Franchise Development. “You’re buying into an established brand with a business system that’s been vetted and proven itself successful. Your franchisor is invested in your success and supports you, as do other franchisees in the network who you can reach out to.”

Among the benefits of going with a Kiddie Academy franchise are:

“Kiddie Academy has a support structure to help you every step of the way,” said Brazier. “We’re with you from the beginning of your franchise journey – through real estate selection, design and construction and bringing kids through your doors. Then we’re there throughout the operation of your Academy to make sure you’re as successful as possible.”

Want to hear what others think about owning a Kiddie Academy franchise? Click here to watch videos with our franchisees sharing their success stories.

Here are some additional resources about the advantages of buying a franchise:

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If you’re looking to make a life-changing business decision, click here to receive more information about owning a Kiddie Academy franchise, or call 866-296-2535.


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