Guest Blog with Kathy and Pam

This week’s guest bloggers, Pam and Kathy, are friends who started their own Kiddie Academy just over four years ago. The economy they faced was challenging, but Kathy and Pam share great business instincts and infectious positive energy.  Today they run a thriving center and they’re loving every minute of it.  

Running our own business:  why we did it, and why we love it

By Kathy and Pam, Kiddie Academy Franchisees, Upper Freehold

Making the leap into business ownership

We hatched the idea to open a childcare business in Pam’s office at Merrill Lynch, where we were both executives at the time.  Both of us were constantly running up against the same issues: not enough time with our families, no good daycare options for our children, and working so hard to make our bosses look good.  Opening our own childcare business was the perfect solution.  The goal was to continue to be high achievers and make good money, but also to have fun!   

Getting started

We opened the doors to our center in December of 2007, basically at the height of the national economic downturn. Many people were out of a job or had their hours cut back, and so to cut expenses they were caring for their kids at home.  It really looked like an uphill battle for our brand-new center.  But we quickly realized that everybody understands the value of early education for children.  People wanted to pay for our service; so we just got busy putting people back to work in our community so they could!  We sent resumes around, connected people, did whatever we could to get people back to work and their normal lives.  Looking back, it was a truly amazing time.  Every day we felt that we really made a big difference in at least one family’s life.    

Owning a business that’s close to home

This may be the best part!  We went from working in New York City, completely detached from our home lives for the whole day, to being within six miles of home.  The comfort we get from being able to run home whenever necessary is priceless. Plus, Pam’s kids attend the academy, which is a great experience.

Where we are now

It’s four years later and the business is going great.  Don’t get us wrong – it’s hard work!  But we love it, we love working with the staff and the families and keeping everything going strong.  We’re doing what we set out to do – be high achievers, make good money, and have fun every day (we really do!). Having a great partner doesn’t hurt, either.

If you have questions for us about our experience, post them in the comments or send us an email at, as we’ll be happy to respond!

Until next time,

Kathy and Pam

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