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Rules for Achieving a Good Work-Life Balance

Ever wonder how some business owners seem to have all the time in the world for vacations and mid-week activities all while being at the head of a vibrant business?  It’s likely that they follow the ground rules for making sure their business doesn’t depend on their constant presence.   

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The First Few Months in a Franchise Business

Does opening a new business sound daunting?  One of the best things about choosing to franchise is that it takes a lot of the pressure off of getting your business up and running in the right direction.  As a franchisee, you are not just buying a business, you’re buying a brand, a business plan and…

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What do franchisors look for in franchise candidates? Trait Four…

So you’re thinking about owning a franchise business. You’ve done your homework and maybe even picked a brand or industry. Until now, franchisors have tried to demonstrate that their opportunity will be a good fit for you, but keep it mind that it works the other way around as well! In this ongoing series, we…

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Franchise Business Ownership for Parents

Whether it’s as big as the school play, or as simple as the drive home, missing important moments with your kids is difficult for working parents.  At the same time, paying the mortgage, building a college fund and planning for retirement are non-negotiables.

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Kiddie Academy Mentioned in Franchise Business Review

Deciding on a franchise concept is no easy feat – from food to tools to computer repair to gyms, there is a world of possibilities. And even after you do decide the sector, your decision-making isn’t over. Each franchise category is vast and varied in terms of models, investment and services. If you have narrowed…

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