October 15, 2019

What a Franchise Business Consultant Does for You

We know that many people stepping into a franchised business may not have run a business before, particularly one in a specialized field like educational child care. That’s why we have a team of Franchise Business Consultants (FBCs) whose job is to assist Franchisees run successful businesses. The FBCs play a critical role for Franchisees, providing valuable assistance by way of expertise and experience, or just someone to bounce ideas off. They can help build enrollment, create a positive culture where you can attract and retain great employees, answer any question that comes up and more. In other words, they’re there to help where and when help is needed.

The role of an FBC

“The FBC is the go-to person once an Academy is open to get operations, marketing, curriculum and technical support that’s needed,” said Kiddie Academy Director of Operations Doug Schwartz. He said the FBC’s primary areas of responsibility is working closely with franchisees to ensure that their operations are taking best advantage of our established best practices and brand standards “The FBC is the primary point of contact between the Academy and resources that are available from corporate and third parties. They’re also the ‘Custodians of the Brand.’ We’ve built up a lot of equity in the brand over 40 years. Your FBC works with you to make sure you’re meeting or exceeding standards so that you’re benefitting from all the advantages the brand can bring you.”

Each Kiddie Academy FBC is assigned to work with several Academies, usually clustered in a specific geographic area. Among the support they offer their Franchisees are:

• Business analysis
• Training and coaching for the management team
• Connection to corporate and third-party resources
• Marketing support
• On-call assistance as needed

They will also visit their assigned Academies – a quality-review visit once a year, and two support visits every 14 months.

A common goal

Kiddie Academy FBCs have a variety of professional backgrounds. They come from education, business and franchising. As needs arise, if it falls outside one FBC’s area of expertise, they can tap their colleagues for advice on how to best address those needs.

Building relationships is a critical part of the FBC’s job. Their focus is to develop a sense of trust with our Franchisees, demonstrating that they can deliver expert advice, whether during a regular support visit or anytime in between.

FBC Will Huggins said, “We’re all focused on a shared goal – the success of the franchisee’s business. Our FBC’s take great pride in seeing their franchisees grow and prosper.

While the continued growth of our franchisees is the best evidence that our systems works, we also know that businesses and consumer needs evolve quickly in this world. We continuously review and refine our systems and our FBCs work closely with franchisees to implement these improvements in their businesses

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