Why Starting My Own Business Was a Brilliant Idea

Q&A with Kiddie Academy franchisee, Carol Haynes

Is it smart, brave or just plain crazy? Is it risky or worth the reward? Today, people everywhere are enthusiastically embracing new business ventures and everyone has a different reason for going into business for themself. For those of you thinking about becoming your own boss, Carol Haynes is here to tell us why starting her own business was a brilliant idea.

Q: When did you start thinking about the possibility of owning your own business?

I have a background in quality improvement and performance management. I’m also a realtor so I’ve always been attracted to business. Our current center director approached me 4 years ago with the opportunity, but the timing just wasn’t right. When my daughter was getting ready to have her first child, we began searching for childcare centers. We realized that what we were looking for was just not available. So I decided to be apart of the change that I thought was necessary for our local community.

Q: What has been the single best thing about owning your own business?

Definitely the interaction and smiles that I’ve been able to get everyday. But I also think it’s the autonomy of being in business for myself and having the ability to develop different programs that will benefit the children in my community. Things like that are really important to us.

This has been a choice my husband and I made together to start our own business. I think we couldn’t have made a better lifetime decision.

Q: It sounds like owning your own business is something that you’re really meant to do.

Absolutely. I was at my mom’s 65th birthday party and one of her friends approached me and said, “I’ve always picked you as one of those people that just knows what they want to do and where they’re going.”

Carol and her husband have recognized the value in owning their own business and the result is more than tangible. Aside from a structured income, Carol and her husband have built something that not even financial security can give you, and that’s a true passion for getting up each morning and loving what you do, for yourself and your community. (We think the pint sized hugs that she gets help too).

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