The Best of Both Worlds

Katie Moore wanted to do something bigger than her job as manager of a payroll company, which left her feeling unchallenged and uninspired. But as a mom of young kids, she was hesitant to make a big change. With Kiddie Academy®, Katie discovered she didn’t have to wait to follow her passion.

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Katie Moore

My 4 Academies

Kiddie Academy of Bolingbrook, IL
Opened in 2012

Kiddie Academy of Darien, IL
Opened in 2017

Kiddie Academy of Oak Park, IL
Coming in 2024

Kiddie Academy of Countryside-La Grange, IL
Coming in 2024

What’s a Day Like for Katie?

Family Is the Focus in the Morning

Katie and her two children make a big breakfast and sit down to eat together before she drops them off at school and heads to her Academies. “I appreciate the one-on-one time I get with them.” It’s a stark contrast to Katie’s old life—where mornings were rushed and hectic as she was scrambling to dress and feed the kids (and herself) and get to her office on time.

Being a Mom Has Been the Biggest Advantage

When she opened her first Academy, Katie’s daughter was 6 months old and her son was 2. Katie was able to watch them benefit from the high-quality Kiddie Academy education. Being both a consumer and an owner has been an incredible advantage, allowing Katie to connect with her customers on a very personal level. It’s been great for building customer loyalty, which translates into great retention rates!

Balancing Multiple Academies

Katie’s Academies are fairly close together, so it’s not hard to manage them, but she admits it takes some planning. “I work with my staff to figure out where I am needed most and start my day there. I have a great daily routine of visiting both Academies and I still get to interact with all of my families.”

Wrapping Up the Day

Katie wraps up her day early to pick up her kids from school and get them to their after-school activities. “My kids have busier schedules than I do!” For Katie, it’s easy to switch gears. “I know my staff will handle things so my attention is where it should be. I always try to be present. So, if I am at the Academy, I am focused on that but when I am with my family, I’m not thinking about work. I feel I have the balance I wanted when I started on this journey.”

I can grow my business without compromising my family life.

Katie Moore

3 Questions with Katie

Why Kiddie Academy

Words of Wisdom

The Reward

Steps to Ownership

3 Questions with Katie

Why Kiddie Academy

Why Did You Choose Kiddie Academy?

Kiddie Academy provides the proven concept, the incredible support, and the resources. I wouldn’t be able to juggle all of my responsibilities if I had started any other small business. I would be too overwhelmed or the time away from my kids wouldn’t be worth it. The support from Kiddie Academy corporate makes it easy.

Words of Wisdom

Any Words of Wisdom for Prospective Kiddie Academy Franchise Owners?

If you’re looking to grow and have more than one Academy, Kiddie Academy will support you. Opening my second Academy was even easier than the first, and now I have numbers three and four on the way…and opening them has been even easier than the second.

The Reward

What’s the Most Rewarding Aspect of Owning a Kiddie Academy?

Thinking about life’s purpose…I wanted to do something where I could help people, where I felt like I was giving back to the world. Whether it’s something small like helping a mom on the first day of drop-off or something life-changing, like helping one of our kids, Alex, through cancer treatment, this is why I do what I do.

Steps to Ownership

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