Creating Their Own Path

Taisha and Deepak Vazirani had valuable professional experience and in-demand skills, but all their hard work in the corporate world was for someone else’s benefit. So in 2014, they left their successful corporate careers in marketing and finance to invest in their Kiddie Academy® franchise, and they’ve never looked back.

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The Vaziranis

Our Academy

Kiddie Academy of West Cary, NC
Opened in 2014

What’s a Day Like For the Vaziranis?

“Now We’re Running on Our Own Schedule.”

The morning used to be a scramble for the Vaziranis—getting everybody up and out of the house before a laborious 90-minute commute. Now, with their Academy only a 10-minute drive from their house, the mornings are more relaxed. Deepak gets the Vazirani kids off to school while Taisha heads to the gym for a workout, walks the family dog, and takes care of errands before arriving at the Academy.

Work That Doesn’t Feel Like Work

This morning, Deepak brought in breakfast for their teachers for their monthly staff meeting. These signs of gratitude are the norm at Kiddie Academy of West Cary. The Vaziranis very deliberately created a culture that’s more suited to their personal goals. “We operate our school as a large family—a community,” says Taisha. “It’s something I never felt working my corporate job that I knew I wanted to ensure our Academy had.”

Bigger, Better Community-Focused Experiences

Taisha, Deepak, and their Director have a meeting to plan their upcoming Pre-K graduation ceremony. Taisha wants it to be the best graduation ever.

Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

Now that they are doing what they love, they find the burnout and stress have plummeted. Taisha leaves the Academy around 3:30 to pick up the kids and make them dinner before heading off to soccer practice. Deepak sticks around the Academy through the evening pick-up, giving him time to connect with parents. “For the first time in my life, I’m not only passionate about what I do but also have enough time to watch my children grow up—that’s a huge reason we started our own business,” says Taisha.

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come. We always joke like, ‘Can we call ourselves entrepreneurs yet?’ And I think we feel comfortable with that title now.

Deepak Vazirani

3 Questions with the Vaziranis

Why Kiddie Academy

Words of Wisdom

The Reward

Steps to Ownership

3 Questions with the Vaziranis

Why Kiddie Academy

Why Did You Choose Kiddie Academy?

Kiddie Academy doesn’t dictate or tell you how to run your own business. They invest in you as people and trust you to run a business successfully. And if you need support, they’re there for you when you need them.

Words of Wisdom

Any Words of Wisdom for Prospective Kiddie Academy Franchise Owners?

We continue to look to Kiddie Academy corporate for making suggestions. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. That’s just the way we run our business so we’re constantly brainstorming about what more we could be doing.

The Reward

What’s the Most Rewarding Aspect of Owning a Kiddie Academy?

When I was working a corporate job, I was spending 13-14 hours a day at work and couldn’t really enjoy life. Now, we both wake up excited. We’re really building a business and a life that’s fulfilling.

Steps to Ownership

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