Advantages of Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership

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Sometimes, owning one Kiddie Academy franchise just isn’t enough. Today, 54% of Kiddie Academy franchisees own more than one Academy. That’s in line with the trend nationally, as reported by research firm FRANdata, that shows multi-unit franchise operators control 54% of the more than 400,000 franchise units in the United States.

“There is no greater tribute to a brand than multi-unit ownership,” said Jeff Brazier, Kiddie Academy’s Vice President of Franchise Development. “We see more and more potential franchisees who are thinking of expansion from the start and developing business plans that include multi-unit growth. Kiddie Academy welcomes that kind of entrepreneurial spirit and will do what we can to accommodate it.”

That was a deciding factor when Katie Moore was researching educational child care franchises. “I knew that I wanted to grow and potentially have more than one Academy, and with the competitor, I wasn’t able to do that.” Katie opened her first Kiddie Academy location in Bolingbrook, IL in 2012. Once that business was running successfully, she opened a second Academy in Darien, IL in 2017.

Whether you’re looking to start with multiple units or add to your existing portfolio, owning more than one franchise has its advantages.

Owning multiple franchise units can provide you with economies of scale. Buying supplies in bulk allows you to save money by reducing costs-per-unit by spreading fixed costs over more locations.

It can also be an asset in recruiting and retention of your staff. Having more than one location can provide more opportunities for employees to grow and the flexibility to move from one location to the other. Having a larger staff also gives you more people to delegate responsibilities to, potentially allowing you to have more personal time.

Diversification is another reason for owning multiple franchises. Educational child care is a top-performing industry that is expected to stay strong for the foreseeable future and Kiddie Academy is one of the fastest-growing franchisers in the category. Owning one of our franchises is a great way to broaden your portfolio.

Brazier said, “You should consider purchasing another franchise unit when you see the need and growth in a potential market.” He added that the ideal candidate for multi-unit ownership is, “…someone who is truly invested in the business and has the ability to manage and entrust others to run and support the business.” That’s consistent with advice offered by Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, which says multi-unit owners must be able to:

If you’re interested in finding out more investing in a Kiddie Academy franchise, contact us today, no matter if it’s your first or if you’re looking to expand your current portfolio.

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